More Music on the Archive

Some think of the Internet Archive as just the Wayback Machine, but we have other great collections.   Our music collection is worth listening to and made some jumps recently:

Our live music collection now has over 100,000 concerts from over 5,000 bands (including an almost complete collection of Grateful Dead concerts)

New:  The first phase of Internet music was the Internet Underground Music Archive, which is now back and available (thanks to John Gilmore and Jason Scott).

Much of the collection, from before they were sued into a unrecognizable form, was archived, but frankly is not easy to browse in the Wayback Machine.  Hopefully we will fix that in the future.

After, “netlabels” evolved to be a more curated system of free downloads.   Many of these hosted by the Internet Archive and are fabulous.

New: A mirror of the fantastic creative-commons Jamendo collection is also up.

New: Comprehensive recordings from the DNA Lounge, San Francisco venue.

Thousands of 78rpm records and wax drum recordings have been uploaded by users.

And the first “music video” from 1894-1895 that was found recently, reconstructed painstakingly by the legendary Walter Murch, and then he donated it to the archive.

We are getting slightly closer to the “Universal Access to All Knowledge” goal.



9 thoughts on “More Music on the Archive

  1. Lydia Pappas

    awesome to see all this music on here – much thanks and appreciation to the internet archive for providing access to this fabulous resource

  2. Homer Goodall

    I had opened up my music, film and photograph archives and uploading them. I’ve found several computers that contain hundreds of hours of media. I know someone can use it once I am dead and gone. I am finishing up my book and it will be uploaded soon.

  3. brewster Post author

    Homer– what a wonderful thing to say. it makes working on the archive so much more rewarding.

    digital librarian, internet archive

  4. Jefferson

    Conheci a Música Clássica Pela Novela BRAVO, e Apaixonado Até Hoje Estou. Já Brahms Foi Por Curiosidade. O Concerto n.2 Com Serkin/Philadelphia/Osmand, é Para Mim A Melhor Performance, Que Me Perdoe o Nelson Freire. Mais É Deleite Puro. Obrigado! (Jefferson)-RJ-

  5. Frans

    I wish the Jamendo archive had been done with more care. The filenames are gone. Umlauts are gone. Ogg Vorbis derived from the MP3 instead of using the files Jamendo makes available.

  6. Dirk Weber

    It is amazing to discover this world of music, other audios and films. So many flavours, such a big lot of live concerts. Luckily we now have a good internet connection. Thus the only limit to my downloadding activities is the size of my system’s hdd.

  7. Ananthanarayanan

    I have some e-books on Indian Classical Music which were available for free download in the google.
    Can I upload this for the benefit of musical lovers

  8. Kathryn Johnson

    I am looking for recordings made at the KOIL Radio Station in Council Bluffs, Iowa that featured my mother and her sister and brother and their parents in about 1924 or 25. Mother was about 10 when they were on the radio, so the years might not be exact. Could be a year or so later as well. They were called the “Shoemaker Family Band” and were on one evening a week. I remember Mother telling me that they got mail from overseas as well as from the U.S. from citizen band and ham radio operators. I have NO copies of ANY of the episodes and I am searching for anyone who might have those recordings! Can you help me with this? I even have pictures of The Shoemaker Family Band. Kathryn Johnson

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