5 thoughts on “Let’s Build a Great Digital Library Together…Starting with a Wishlist

  1. Md

    I have already given books to your physical archive. Will they be scanned too ?
    Thanks in advance 😉

    1. chrisfreeland Post author

      Md – Thanks for your donation! To answer your question, yes, donations made to our physical archive will go into our digitization queue and will be scanned as funding is available.

  2. Md

    Hello again,

    Why not asking openlibrary.org’s users when they search for a book that is not scanned (or an author that they like…) if they would like that such XXX related books be scanned (maybe adding limits like 1 book/author per month) ?

    Thanks in advance 😉

  3. Nemo

    Exciting! I wonder if this list could be embedded in the process used by booksellers like BetterWorldBooks, DiscoverBooks or momox to decide what books to acquire or discard. I can imagine that some of the books in the wishlist are offered to them but get rejected as unmarketable, so they have no chance to be donated either.

    I checked 10 random ISBN on AbeBooks. 3 cost 5 $ or less, 2 were 5-10 $, 2 were 10-30 $ and 2 were missing.

    1. chrisfreeland Post author

      Great suggestion, Nemo. We have active collaborations with booksellers and they are certainly a key part of our strategy.

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