Atchison Village WiFi Project

Atchison Village located in Richmond, California is a pilot community for the Internet Archive Community Wireless project.  Here, several residents in the community wish to access the free internet bandwidth being provided by the Internet Archive. Residents that want to connect to access the service will need to obtain appropriate access point equipment.  The recommended […]

Rafael studying

Open Library: A Tool for Student Equity during our Digital Fall Semester

By Michelle Swanson, an educator and national educational specialist from Eugene, OR While education leaders and classroom teachers have discussed the growing issue of the Digital Divide for years, its severity has become painfully clear as classrooms have been forced online during school closures. The results of distance learning show low levels of engagement and […]

The National Emergency Library: A Useful Tool for Educators

by Theron Cosgrave, an educational specialist in school redesign and teacher training Almost three months of pandemic-inspired school closures have made one thing painfully clear for educators: distance learning is a completely different ballgame than in-person teaching. Worries about classroom management and test prep have taken a temporary backseat to challenges with student WiFi access […]

Getting Ready for DWeb Camp: Defining Our Terms

This is a guest post by Lawrence Wilkinson and Richard Whitt summarizing a conversation they led at the 2018 Decentralized Web Summit on the topic of the language and terminology we use to talk about the Decentralized Web. “What do we mean exactly by X?”  As the conversation around the Decentralized Web has evolved, one […]

Community Wireless

The Internet Archive’s mission is universal access to knowledge.   For us, that access happens over the Internet. In many places, there are two or few providers of fast Internet access, which tends to lead to high prices, bad service and makes censorship too easy. We would like to see more options and are doing something […]

Internet Archive joins Open Wireless Movement

We are excited to join the Electronic Frontier Foundation and other open-minded organizations in the Open Wireless Movement. We have long believed that there should be many and low-cost options to get access to the Internet. Individuals and organizations sharing their WiFi networks with their neighbors can be one such option. The Open Wireless Movement […]