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$4 Million Available for Digitization in 2015 Application Deadline is April 30th Let’s Apply Together!

Internet Archive wants to partner with you to bring your ‘Hidden Collections’ into the public domain and become part of a global digital library! The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) with generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon … Continue reading

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Every month, we look over the total download counts for all public items at  We sum item counts into their collections.  At year end 2014, we found various source reliability issues, as well as overcounting for “top collections” and … Continue reading

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Crusading librarian for openness passes: Cathy Norton

A live wire in the library field, and a firebrand for openness, Cathy Norton helped keep libraries free and open during this current digitization wave. Fun and opinionated, we learned that she had the background and evidence to make the … Continue reading

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Partnership Promotes Jobs and Builds Free Global Library

As part of their Building Libraries Together initiative the Internet Archive is testing a new socially-responsible jobs model with Bay Area Rescue Mission (BARM) of Richmond, California. The Internet Archive has been digitizing books for nearly 10 years, but needed … Continue reading

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Millions of historic images posted to Flickr

by Robert Miller, Global Director of Books, Internet Archive “Reading a book from the inside out!”. Well not quite, but a new way to read our eBooks has just been launched. Check out this great BBC article: Here is … Continue reading

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Working to Stop Rewriting Copyright Laws via TPP Treaty

The Internet Archive joined Our Fair Deal along with EFF and Public Knowledge to stop the US from using the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty from changing our copyright laws.   The coalition sent two open letters to TPP negotiators today on critical … Continue reading

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Popular subjects in our book collection

We took a leisurely stroll through half a million books today, and we noticed that lots of the books were congregating around some popular categories.  This isn’t an exhaustive list, we just thought it would nice to share a little … Continue reading

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Borrow Top Children’s Books

Recently the New York Public Library published a list of their choices for the top 100 children’s books from the last 100 years.   We took a look at the books we have available via Open Library, and it turns … Continue reading

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450,000 Early Journal Articles Now Available

Internet Archive announces today the addition of over 450,000 journal articles from the JSTOR Early Journal Content collection. Early Journal Content is a selection of pre-1923 materials from more than 350 journals and includes articles in the arts and humanities, … Continue reading

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Launch of the DigiBaeck Project

The Internet Archive, working with the Leo Baeck Institute, is pleased to be a part of the Oct 16, 2012 launch of their DigiBaeck project, a massive (formerly print) archival collection of history pertaining  to German speaking Jewry. Robert Miller, … Continue reading

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Uploading images for text items (update on * format)

The old news Until about a year ago, if you wanted to upload a set of individual page images and have them be recognized as a “book” so we’d create the usual derivative formats from them, you had to mimic … Continue reading

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We want to buy your books! Internet Archive Letter to Publishers

Thank you for your willingness to invest in the future of publishing and readership. Libraries and publishers have a lot in common: we connect writers with readers which promotes literacy, scholarship, and citizenship. We want to buy more digital books … Continue reading

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Archive-It Team Encourages Your Contributions To The “Occupy Movement” Collection

Since September 17th, 2011 when protesters descended on Wall Street, set up tents, and refused to move until their voices were heard, an impassioned plea for economic and social equality has manifested itself in similar protests and demonstrations around the … Continue reading

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Thursday Night 5:30pm Books in Browsers in San Francisco

Please join the Internet Archive and O’Reilly Media: Eleven of the most exciting ebook startups and leaders in publishing will present short-form “ignite talks” on Thursday night, October 27, at Books in Browsers: Ignite! Books in Browsers: Ignite! 300 Funston … Continue reading

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Thank you Friends of the SF Public Library for 130,000 books

130,000 books, records, and videos were donated and then cataloged, de-duplicated, and readied for scanning and long term preservation in 2 days.   Thank you to the Friends of SFPL for our largest public donation ever.   With this, we believe we … Continue reading

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Volunteer – Help us get 200,000 books on Sunday!

We have a windfall: the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library are offering all the unsold books from their yearly book sale to the Internet Archive if we can pack them up. The Archive will then move them to … Continue reading

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3 Million Texts for Free

Hundreds of libraries reached the milestone of offering 3 million freely downloadable texts yesterday through the Internet Archive website.  Our 3 millionth text is a Galileo pamphlet from the rare book collection of the University of Toronto. Internet Archive has … Continue reading

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Scanning a Braille Playboy

Hi. I’m Jason Scott, adjunct archivist at, and I wanted to talk about the time I watched the Internet Archive scan in a Braille issue of Playboy magazine. Many people might not know there have even been Braille editions of … Continue reading

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In-Library eBook Lending Program Expands to 1,000 Libraries

Internet Archive announces 1,000 Library Partners from 6 countries have joined to build and lend a pool of 100,000+ eBooks; Extending the Traditional In-Library Lending Model. San Francisco, CA – Today, the Internet Archive announced that the 1,000th library from … Continue reading

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Why Preserve Books? The New Physical Archive of the Internet Archive

by Brewster Kahle, June 2011   Press on this:  NYtimes Books are being thrown away, or sometimes packed away, as digitized versions become more available. This is an important time to plan carefully for there is much at stake. Digital technologies … Continue reading

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