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Thank you for the donation of 78rpm records from a Craigslist poster

Mark Ellis alerted us to a Craiglist post of a storage locker of records being offered for free in San Jose in 2 hours. The owner wanted them gone. The Internet Archive sprang into action and our truck rolled. Lots … Continue reading

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Introducing the 2019 DWeb Camp Global Fellows

One of the most promising aspects of the decentralized Web (DWeb) is that it’s a movement that envisions a world in which anyone can be empowered to build their own communication networks. But DWeb is about something more than just … Continue reading

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Correct Metadata is Hard: a Lesson from the Great 78 Project

We have been digitizing about 8,000 78rpm record sides each month and now have 122,000 of them done. These have been posted on the net and over a million people have explored them. We have been digitizing, typing the information … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned: The DWeb Summit UX/UI Workshop

Guest post by Iryna Nezhynska What should the user experience be for the Decentralized Web?  This is a short recap about how designers from blockchain and decentralized tech organizations all over the world gathered at the Decentralized Web Summit — … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for DWeb Camp: A Conversation with Kelsey Breseman

Earlier this week, I spoke with Kelsey Breseman, a rockstar engineer and entrepreneur working to solve climate change, protect public access to scientific data, and build a better web. Equal parts concrete problem solver and utopian dreamer, in her spare … Continue reading

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Most 20th Century Books Unavailable to Internet Users – We Can Fix That

The books of the 20th century are largely not online.  They are mostly not available from even the biggest booksellers. And, libraries who have collected hard copies of these books have not been able to deliver them in a cost-efficient, … Continue reading

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Internet Archive Responds to UK Online Harms White Paper

The United Kingdom has proposed a broad new regulatory framework for dealing with harmful content online in its Online Harms White Paper. The Internet Archive is concerned that the new framework could have problematic unintended consequences for digital libraries. Below … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for DWeb Camp: Defining Our Terms

This is a guest post by Lawrence Wilkinson and Richard Whitt summarizing a conversation they led at the 2018 Decentralized Web Summit on the topic of the language and terminology we use to talk about the Decentralized Web. “What do … Continue reading

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Two Thin Strands of Glass

On Monday, June 24, at a spot about one kilometer from our Richmond, CA data center, one strand of our fiber optic link to the Internet failed. We weren’t trying to move fast and break things… Continue reading

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A Deep Dive into Openness

Laying a Shared Foundation for a Decentralized Web In this guest post, Richard Whitt builds on his prepared remarks from the “Defining Our Terms” conversations at the Decentralized Web Summit in 2018. The remarks have been modified to account for … Continue reading

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