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Blacked Out Government Websites Available Through Wayback Machine

  (from the Internet Archive’s Archive-it group: Announcing the first ever Archive-It US Government Shutdown Notice Awards!  ) Congress has caused the U.S. federal government to shut down and important websites have gone dark.  Fortunately, we have the Wayback Machine to … Continue reading

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Over 7,000 Free Audio Books: Librivox and its New Look!

In 2005, Hugh McGuire asked: “Can the net harness a bunch of volunteers to help bring books in the public domain to life through podcasting?” The answer is yes. Thanks to the help of many, LibriVox, the nonprofit organization he … Continue reading

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Cost to Store All US Phonecalls Made in a Year in Cloud Storage so it could be Datamined

(Cited in Forbes) Because of recent news reports, I wanted to cross check the cost feasibility of the NSA’s recording all of the US phonecalls and processing them. These estimates show only $27M in capital cost, and $2M in electricity … Continue reading

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Knight Foundation Strengthens Support for Television News Research Service

Thanks to a recent $1 million grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, we will be expanding our TV News Search & Borrow service that enables everyone to search, quote and borrow U.S. television news programs. Launched … Continue reading

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National Security Agency ❤ ❤ ❤ Internet Archive?

An unclassified document from the National Security Agency from 2007 has some nice words to say about the Internet Archive, Brewster Kahle, and the Wayback Machine. “The Wayback Machine is, very simply, one of the greatest deep web tools ever … Continue reading

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Brewster Kahle to be Honored with 2013 Amer Lib Assoc LITA/Library Hi Tech Award

Brewster Kahle is honored to receive the 2013 LITA/Library Hi Tech Award for Outstanding Communication in Library and Information Technology this year.   It will be awarded at the American Library Association meeting in Chicago in June.  

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Free and Fast ‘Roof2Roof’ Internet Available in Richmond, CA

As a free service to Richmond residents, the Internet Archive has installed a 70 foot tower on its physical archive building in Richmond California to offer free and fast Internet to those with roofs that can see the tower.  Those … Continue reading

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Archive of Historical Computer Software is here

Thanks to Jason Scott, lots of deep collecting communities, and volunteers, Jason is announcing that the Internet Archive now hosts some very large software and computer documentation collections, maybe the largest overall host. Yippie! Now we all have to make … Continue reading

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450,000 Early Journal Articles Now Available

Internet Archive announces today the addition of over 450,000 journal articles from the JSTOR Early Journal Content collection. Early Journal Content is a selection of pre-1923 materials from more than 350 journals and includes articles in the arts and humanities, … Continue reading

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How the Internet Archive is having Great Time with Bitcoin

The Internet Archive jumped into bitcoin in 2011 after many people asked to donate bitcoins– a non-techy set up our wallet (good sign), and we got about $2,000 worth of donations that first year.  In 2012 we got about $6,000 … Continue reading

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Riding with the Bit Savers

Since 1997, a dedicated team of scanners and curators have been assembling a collection of historical computer and technology-related items. This collection, called BITSAVERS.ORG, contains tens of thousands of documents and software products dating back from the 1950s and into … Continue reading

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Friday March 22nd Movie and Panel about Anonymous: We Are Legion

Please join filmmaker Brian Knappenberger, journalists Quinn Norton and Ryan Singel and lawyer Thomas Nolan for a showing of “We Are Legion: the Story of the Hacktivists.” (trailer) The documentary about the hacker/activist group ‘Anonymous.’ Recorded Video of the Panel Friday, … Continue reading

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Bitcoin <-> Cash Converter Box

Bitcoin to Cash Converter Box          (Please leave this page visible on the computer next to the cash box).  To help us try out bitcoins, I am putting up $200 ($100 cash and $100 worth of bitcoins) … Continue reading

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Employees to be Paid in Bitcoin: Please Donate

(Press about this:  Bitcoin Magazine, The Next Web, arstechnica) As Bitcoin is becoming the “local currency” of the Internet, the Internet Archive would like to help support it and use it.    In the last 2 years, over 300 people … Continue reading

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New Uploader Handles Bigger Files

Today we are launching a new uploader that handles much larger files.  We’ve tested files well over 100GB in size, so if you’re using the right browser it should be able to take care of all your uploading needs.  We … Continue reading

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Aaron Swartz, hero of the open world, dies

Aaron Swartz Memorial Thursday, January 24th at the Internet Archive. Downloadable version, and links to speakers. Aaron’s girlfriend Taren’s and Open Access activist Carl Malamud’s gripping calls to action.   Eulogy by Brewster Kahle, written January 12, 2013: Aaron Swartz, … Continue reading

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Wayback Machine: Now with 240,000,000,000 URLs

Today we updated the Wayback Machine with much more data and some code improvements.  Now we cover from late 1996 to December 9, 2012 so you can surf the web as it was up until a month ago.  Also, we … Continue reading

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Thanks a Million!

Thanks to the generous support of our users we raised $250,000 in donations during the month of December, and with the 3-to-1 match from one of our donors that gives us $1,000,000!  We raised enough to purchase 4 petabytes of … Continue reading

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Internet Archive & EFF successfully block Washington State law

Earlier this year the Internet Archive with EFF’s help joined a suit to challenge the enforcement of a new Washington state law, SB 6251. While the law was intended to curb advertising for underage sex workers, the language was overly … Continue reading

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3-for-1 Match for Internet Archive Donations: Please Help

Dear Friends, The Internet Archive has received a generous offer this holiday season. For every dollar we raise before December 31st, one of our supporters will match that money three to one. Please consider donating now. Every day three million people around the … Continue reading

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